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eWellness has launched PHZIO. A telehealth platform designed to extend and scale your practice online.


We are Physical Therapy reinvented.

Now you can combine in-clinic + online treatments to scale your business.

Intro to Phzio:

Phzio is a Physical Therapy Telehealth platform that extends your traditional practice online. Now you can scale revenues and expand your service to more patients.

Patients are able to follow your treatment protocols from anywhere with an internet connection. Your Physical Therapists can monitor multiple patients remotely to ensure form and compliance. Best of all your business can now grow by combining the traditional one-to-one treatment in the clinic with one-to-many monitoring via Phzio.

Patient Dashboard

Patient DashboardAccessing Treatments

The Phzio Dashboard enables clients to login securely to access prescribed treatment protocols. Patients have accessing to multiple treatments, the ability to view progress or initiate a video session with a specialist at any time.

Remote Video Monitoring

Live + On-Demand VideoIncreasing Compliance

Patients access on-demand treatment videos designed to deliver results. All patient sessions are monitored by your PT staff with patients and PTs being able to video chat at any time when assistance is required.

Billing & Patient Metrics

Billing + MetricsTracking Outcomes

More engagement with patients leads to better results. Phzio tracks progress from every treatment. Better patient results and billing time equals a lift to the business.

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Phzio Platform Capabilites

List of the key features.

Video Treatment Protocols

Phzio provides a host of industry leading video treatment protocols for you to use. Or upload your own.

Realtime Patient Monitoring

You monitor your patients in video while they're performing prescribed exercises. All in realtime.

Patient Induction Forms

Create custom patient induction forms that cover all the details and information you need from clients.

Patient Video Journal

Patients can record video journal entries and respond to questions or issues from their PT.

Post Treatment Evaluations

Monitoring Physical Therapists complete customized forms that document patient progress and metrics.

Integrated Billing

Phzio enables automatic or manual billing options. We take care of the details.

Patient Metrics

Phzio manages all of the important patient metrics you observe and record.

User Admin & Customization

Add as many Specialist users as you need. Plus you can add your logo so patients see your brand.

Build your Biz & Revenue

Phzio scales your billable rates and provides tools to make growing your business easier.

Our Team

Leadership and Expertise in Action.
John Doe

Darwin Fogt

New York and California Licensed Physical Therapist with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from USC and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Cal State Long Beach.
Nix Maxwell

Douglas Maclellan

Public market management and board experience with a strong focus on international deal development.
Curtis Hollister

Curtis Hollister

Developed major video management and streaming systems for AT&T and the Canadian Federal Government.
David Markowski

David Markowski

Season financial management experience of publicly and privately listed companies.

"Telemedicine is reaching the Physical Therapy marketplace."

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