Operationalizing Phzio

Phzio @ Your Practice

1. WE start with Education

We start by ensuring you and your team understand what Telehealth and Phzio are and how they can work inside your business. This covers usage models, operational integration work plans and interacting with billing parties.

2. Set goals

Using an advanced version of the Telehealth Calculator we design an operating model that supports your success. This covers how many digital treatments you need each participating PT to perform weekly with flags to indicate when things are falling behind.

3. Training & CErtification

We provide documentation and training sessions for each participating PT. This is typically 3 separate sessions that span orientation, functional use, and co-monitoring. Our training team is right there with you to ensure your initial monitoring session go smoothly.

4. Operational Oversight

Once the training is complete and your team is delivering digital treatments consistently, one of our Client Leads will work with you to optimize the performance of your Telehealth operations and share best practices from the industry.