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An Innovation in Telehealth for Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy professionals now have a new set of tools for growing their operations and creating better outcomes in patients. It’s called PHZIO! Tell me more…

  • Remotely Monitor & Instruct Patients

    Monitor up to 6 patients concurrently. Each patient is performing treatment exercises that are customized for them.

  • Fully Reimbursable

    Telemedicine treatments are reimbursable by most payers. To get the details about your state, give us a call.

  • High Patient Satisfaction

    Patients love the convenience of being able to be treated from home. Plus compliance rates are dramatically increased.

Physical Therapist Monitoring Telehealth Patients

Patients Love the Convenience and the Results

Many patients are unable to attend all of their treatments in-person. With Phzio, patients can use their laptop or tablet to complete a therapy session from anywhere.

Patient outcomes are improved too. Instead of hoping patients are performing there home exercises, the PT is watching and guiding them.

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Telehealth Calculator

The Telehealth Calculator let’s you enter the operational numbers associated with your practice. It lets you see the impact Phzio can have on your Gross Profits.Tell me more…

Knee Replacements
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Hip Replacements
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Treatments per PT

Avg. # of Daily
Treatments per PT with Phzio

Transforming Physical Therapy

We’re about providing better access to Patients and scaling the reach of Clinics.

Moving to the Mix of In-Clinic + Digital Treatments

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Telehealth for Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy + Telehealth
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Physical Therapy + Telehealth

Telehealth is quickly becoming an excellent choice for PTs and Patients to get better results through higher compliance and better patient engagement.